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Pineville Commercial Collection Attorneys

Extending lines of credit to customers is a vital part of success for many businesses and financial institutions. Unfortunately, when a debtor does not make required payments, it can damage the bottom line of a company. If your business cannot collect on debt owed, it is time to get a collections law firm involved.

Protecting The Financial Interests Of Creditors

The attorneys at Cawood & Johnson, PLLC, help creditors secure payment on past due debts. The law firm represents creditors in Kentucky, as well as out-of-state creditors who are trying to collect debt from Kentucky businesses and individuals.

Mr. Cawood and Mr. Johnson are experienced and knowledgeable in debtor/creditor laws. They have helped a significant number of clients collect debt in an ethical, economic and efficient manner. And with nearly 40 years of combined legal experience, the lawyers know how to get creditors to the front of the payment line.

Powerful Legal Action To Secure Unpaid Debt

Mr. Cawood and Mr. Johnson understand that the financial health of any organization relies heavily on its ability to secure payments owed. In order to protect the financial interests of these clients, the attorneys employ a range of legal actions to obtain the funds owed. Many times, a letter or a phone call from the law firm is enough to prompt payment. However, the lawyers are fully prepared to file suit in order to help businesses obtain the results they need.

Whether you are seeking payment from another business or from an individual, Cawood & Johnson, PLLC, can help.

Local Counsel For In-State And Out-Of-State Law Firms

With a reputation for effective legal work and a track record of success in debt collection, many in-state and out-of-state law firms choose Cawood & Johnson, PLLC, to serve as local counsel in Kentucky collections matters. The lawyers are equipped to provide any level of legal service, including hearing and motion coverage, other court appearances, and at foreclosure and tax sales.

Contact A Kentucky Lawyer Representing Creditors And Debtors

Prospective clients and other firms are invited to contact Cawood & Johnson, PLLC, to discuss their specific legal matters with a Pineville commercial collection lawyer.

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